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Planning for the future can feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to your legacy. At Goodman Estate Law, we understand the importance of making informed decisions about your assets and ensuring your wishes are carried out after you’re gone. That’s why we offer families in Santa Ana a comprehensive suite of legal services designed to provide you with peace of mind and protect your loved ones.


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Santa Ana, the beating heart of Orange County, pulsates with a vibrant energy unlike any other. This historic city, steeped in rich Californian heritage, boasts a diverse cultural tapestry evident in its bustling streets and thriving arts scene. The Bowers Museum showcases Pacific Coast artifacts and cultural treasures, while the Santa Ana Artist Village nurtures a flourishing community of local creatives. From contemporary galleries to historic theaters, Santa Ana offers a feast for the artistic soul.

Beyond its cultural offerings, Santa Ana is a hub for commerce and government. As the county seat, it houses the impressive Ronald Reagan Federal Building and Courthouse, a symbol of its administrative power. The historic downtown area bustles with a mix of retail stores, office buildings, and charming restaurants, catering to the city’s dynamic energy. For those seeking a taste of nature, Prentice Park, home to the Santa Ana Zoo, provides a tranquil escape within the urban landscape.

Santa Ana’s strategic location places it at the center of it all. Los Angeles, with its world-famous attractions, is a short drive away. The pristine beaches of Newport Coast beckon for a day of sun and surf. Whether you crave cultural immersion, a taste of history, or convenient access to all that Southern California offers, Santa Ana promises a truly enriching experience.


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At Goodman Estate Law, we are committed to helping Santa Ana families navigate the complexities of estate planning, trust administration, and probate. We believe everyone deserves to have a secure and well-defined plan for their legacy. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss how our services can benefit you and your loved ones.